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Third-Party Process Verification

Contact us today to talk about what your process verification plan 

We use a 5 step process to certify your quality products from farm to table 

Assure your customers you're providing the best quality possible products

with 3rd party process verification  

Let our team certify your process as safe and humane using our 128 point inspection and verification process. 

Proudly display your custom made certification labels.

Today's consumer is hungry for validation that they are eating ethically and humanely handled and harvested food.

The value of your product increases when you have a certified label, but the quality of your product improves with ours. 

Add Our Seal to Your Product Label

Once certified, you can add our seal to all of the products, increasing the 

value, quality, and customer demand.

We can also help you to create 

your own custom label 

We have specialists in all animal groups to bring the best possible product to your consumers.

  • Beef 
  • Pork 
  • Chicken 
  • Eggs 
  • Fish