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Calendar of Events ‚Äč

Our on-demand Training Library is under construction but some offerings are available now 

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English, Spanish, and Portuguese  

August 13th, 2020, at 2 pm CST

Captive Bolt stunner training part two with Dr. Temple Grandin 

(Proper use and effective stunning

We will take a deep dive into the proper use of the tools and what effective stunning looks like.

We will be hosting a one hour class for animal handlers, auditors, managers, and maintenance personnel who work in-plant, on-farm,

or in transportation

We will cover the following topics.

*       Proper use of the tool 

*       Effective stunning 

*       Sensibility 

This is a one-hour online course. Participants who complete the course successfully will be issued a certificate of completion.

You missed this one but it is available in our on-demand library.

Dr. Temple Grandin will give her famous ABC's of slaughter presentation live with Q&A.

This course will focus on handling, lead up, harvest, and bleed rail. This is your opportunity to speak with Temple and ask those questions that have been on your mind.

You missed this one but it is available in our on-demand library.

Poultry Best Practices from Catch to harvest With Dr.Temple Grandin and Erika Voogd

These two world-renowned experts on animal welfare will take a deep dive into poultry harvest from catch to harvest

* Catch

* Transportation

* Hang

* Stunning

Live Question and Answer session

You missed this one but it is available in our on-demand library.

English and Portuguese


 Dealing with Activists on the farm and the slaughter plant.

Tuesday, November 10th at 2 pm CST

Planning ahead for successful 

interaction with them.

They are having workshops on how to interrupt your business are you prepared for them to come?

We will have a former activist online to discuss the tactics they use and how they infiltrate your business.

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