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Calendar of Events 

Our on-demand Training Library is open and training is available now 

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Dealing with Activists on the farm and the slaughter plant.

Tuesday, November 10th at 2 pm CST

Planning ahead for successful interaction with them.

They are having workshops on how to interrupt your business are you prepared for them to come?

We will have a former activist online to discuss the tactics they use and how they infiltrate your business.

Temple and Jason discuss the ABC's of humane slaughter  article in Carnetec

Training and Auditing Programs​

Program management service

Facility Design, and CO2 Conversion Assistance

  • We offer complete web based and in person training programs 
  • Certification programs  for livestock handlers, managers and Quality assurance
  • Online access to materials  and records
  • On farm personnel, loadout crews and transporter training is available 
  • Record keeping and Record auditing
  • Site assessments 
  • Audit preparedness training 
  • Hands on personal training.
  • Unannounced audits 
  • Under cover audits 
  • Rescue auditing service
  • Remote video auditing service
  • Complete Program management 
  • Remote program oversight
  • Robust systematic approach plans 
  • 24/7  live expert support  and rescue 
  • NR support FSIS response 
  • We handle all your employee training programs and record keeping.  
  • Your team of experts, here when you need us 
  • Activist preparedness training 

Ready for plans and prices? 

Click and let's get busy making your team better!

  • We offer full facility design services 
  • upgrades to existing structures
  •  add ons
  • Co2 conversion assistance 
  • we can find and fix your stunner problems , showing a reduction of meat quality issues from malfunctioning equipment  
  • simple solutions to big problems.

Rescue Services

We hope you choose to visit us before you have had a problem but we are here to help no matter what happened we have a simple and fast solution to get you back up and running quickly . 

Call us direct 


A Robust Systematic Approach to Animal Welfare

Let Us Handle the Training and Record-keeping For You, Our unique service is just what your company needs to give it that edge and save money at the same time.

At Cloverleaf Strategies, we offer a unique service. You can have an animal welfare program manager, trainer, and a ​former USDA Vet on staff and at your service 24/7 without paying thousands of dollars in salary each month.  We don't need an office, health insurance, or paid vacations. That's right all the things you need and at a price, you can handle. Costs as low as $10.00 per trained employee per week Your highest value employee at the lowest cost.

We value your time just as much as you do. Let our team of experts take care of the planning behind your approach to animal welfare so you can get back to doing what you love. We find and fill the gaps in your robust systematic approach to animal welfare, giving you peace of mind in today's global market.

Our management and consulting services are available in low-cost monthly arrangements that keep costs minimal while maintaining high standards of compliance and animal care. Get in touch with us today for your free consultation and quote so that we can add your company to the growing number of industry leaders in our coverage family. 

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Trained employees can be easily identified

 with our certified helmet stickers

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